Meet SMUN's New Executive Director

Posted Dec 11th, 2020 in News & Updates

Laura Dumas comes to Start Me Up Niagara with over 30 years’ experience in the not for profit world. She has had the privilege to work with volunteers and marginalized individuals in many organizations within and outside of the Niagara Region.

Her first career opportunity, after graduation, was as a Community Service Order Case manager. She spent 14 years with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel and worked with people from many cultural backgrounds, societal and financial backgrounds and those facing the hardships of everyday life. She worked primarily with individuals on probation but also worked in the court house assisting those awaiting bail hearings. This opportunity was the beginning of her career working with difficult clients and difficult life situations.

Once she moved back to Niagara, Laura worked at Ontario March of Dimes for five years whereby she provided support to fundraising initiatives and volunteer services. This is the organization that taught her the most about disabilities, both seen and unseen and gave her the opportunity to learn how to best communicate effectively with individuals living with disabilities.

Most recently, she is working at Community Support Services of Niagara whose mandate and mission is to work with seniors and individuals living with a disability to live independently. She first came to the agency as a Volunteer and Service Coordinator and has worked her way up to Senior Management in her 11 year tenure with the agency.

Laura has been an active member of many committees and boards in Niagara and Peel and she believes that the experiences of these committees have given her a well rounded experience in how to best work with people as a whole.

Laura is grateful for each employment and volunteer opportunity that she has been fortunate to hold and plans to continue to grow as a person in her new role with Start Me Up Niagara. She looks forward to this new chapter in her life and working with a compassionate and dedicated staff group that she knows will advance the mission and values of Start Me Up Niagara.

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