Board of Directors

Start Me Up Niagara is governed by a dynamic group of volunteer board directors who share our commitment to supporting individuals who face significant life challenges in the Niagara Region.

Start Me Up Niagara offers services to support people facing significant challenges. Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to help increase their level of self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.
Our services range from community lunches, health care, arts and gardening programs to housing supports and employment development. Together, we are working to build a community where all are included.

Start Me Up Niagara is governed by a dynamic group of volunteer Board of Directors who share the agency’s commitment to supporting individuals who face significant life challenges in the Niagara Region.

We are a diverse and inclusive organization with representatives on our Board who are passionate, committed, and who are interested in making a positive impact in the Niagara Community. 

For Start Me Up Niagara’s Mission, Values and Vision, please visit: 

For information about our Board, please contact:
Paul Miller, Board Chair
Email to: 

Meet Our Directors

Paul Miller, Chair

Bruce Lilley, Vice Chair

Susan English, Treasurer

Sandee Nebel, Secretary

Foluke Olalade, Director

Maurice Prindiville, Director

Reg Soper, Director

Laurie Warkentin, Director

Susan English, Director

Teresa Hill, Director

Rob Richardson, Director

Transparency builds trust, and trust is the foundation of giving, as such, here is a copy of our Annual Report for the year 2022. [Click Here]

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Your donations go directly to frontline service and supports for our participants who experience homelessness and other mental health and addictions issues.

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