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Welcome to Start Me Up Niagara

At Start Me Up Niagara, we offer services and programs to support people facing significant challenges such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, disabilities, addictions and mental health issues.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for these individuals to help them increase their level of self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Our services range from daily drop in, community lunches, health care, income maximization, arts, garden, housing supports and employment development.

Together, we are working to build a community where all are included.

About SMUN   Our Services

  • "The Drop-In Centre is a place to get information, socialize, and to be safe."
    - Anonymous, Centre Participant
  • "The people at 17 Gale have been like a family to me."
    - Anonymous, Centre Participant
  • "It is my humble opinion that this program, driven by the devotion of their workers and members, be the benchmark in creating a much needed form of a support system for those battling a disability. The people go above and beyond their job descriptions, and in an imperfect health system existing in the province of Ontario, provide hope and results to those people in need."
    - Kevin, WAC Participant
  • "My experience with WAC has been both inspirational and supportive. I have been with WAC for three years and my counselor Jennifer Pegg has been very understanding and compassionate. She and the whole team understand it takes a village to heal somebody! I found my tribe."
    - Fabiola, WAC Participant
  • The team at the Work Action Centre were a pleasure to work with. We had a diverse group of applicants and will definitely be moving forward with second interviews.
    - Employer

A Place To Be Drop-In Details

Housing help, referrals, support and resources for people experiencing or are at risk of homelessness in Niagara. 

Our drop-in centre at 17 Gale Crescent is open Monday to Friday between 9AM to 11:15AM and 1:15PM to 3:15PM for those experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. COVID-19 safety protocols are in effect for your safety. 


203 Church St., ON L2R 3E8 (Map)

 Weekday Hours

Monday to Friday  |  9:00AM - 12PM, 1PM - 4PM

 Weekend Hours

Saturday and Sunday | 11:15AM to 1:00PM

How To Help

Our dedicated volunteers, donors and supporters are dedicated to our mission to support and provide opportunities for individuals facing hardships in Niagara. ​If you're interested in getting involved, there are many ways to help. 

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News & Updates

Stay connected with the latest news and updates from Start Me Up Niagara. 

Walking Together: A Journey of Hope in the Coldest Night of the Year

Walking Together: A Journey of Hope in the Coldest Night of the Year

Posted Jan 22nd, 2024

Welcome back, dear readers! It's that time of year again when we lace up our boots, bundle up, and step into the chilly embrace of winter for a cause that warms the heart—the Coldest Night of the Year St. Catharines. If you've been with us in the past, you know the feeling of community, camaraderie, and the immense impact we make together. For those new to the journey, get ready for an adventure that goes beyond the frosty air.

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Amalgamation of Niagara’s Mobile Closet and Start Me Up Niagara

Amalgamation of Niagara’s Mobile Closet and Start Me Up Niagara

Posted Nov 10th, 2022 in News & Updates

Start Me Up Niagara (SMUN) is very excited to announce the amalgamation of Niagara’s Mobile Closet (NMC) and SMUN to help those most in need in our communities. SMUN and NMC have a long history of ensuring that those living in low income areas and those experiencing homelessness have access to clean, new clothes, hygiene products and other community services. This mobile program allows individuals easier access to clothing, allows individuals to grow and to participate.

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Warming Centre to open in St. Catharines for the vulnerable

Warming Centre to open in St. Catharines for the vulnerable

Posted Jan 24th, 2022 in News & Updates

Jan. 24, 2022 – With temperatures dropping, Start Me Up Niagara (SMUN), Silver Spire United Church and Niagara Region have worked jointly to open a warming centre to give those who are vulnerable and may be experiencing homelessness a safe, warm indoor place to rest and access amenities in St. Catharines. Silver Spire United Church located at 366 St. Paul Street in St. Catharines will be opening its doors for the warming centre on Monday, Jan. 24, 2022.

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Our Locations

The Resource Drop-In Centre and Work Action Centre are conveniently located in the heart of downtown St. Catharines. 
*NEW* Location: 203 Church Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3E8 

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Your donations go directly to frontline service and supports for our participants who experience homelessness and other mental health and addictions issues.

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