Our Staff

Each member of the team at Start Me Up Niagara is deeply committed to our mission to provide opportunities to individuals who face significant life challenges in the Niagara Region.

About Our Staff

The staff at Start Me Up Niagara use their education, training and lived experiences combined with their professional skills and natural aptitudes to treat each participant with compassion, dignity, and respect. Each staff member on all of our many teams care deeply for our participants and our greater community. 

Start Me Up Niagara is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from all communities inclusive of race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and with differing abilities and lived experiences. This diversity allows SMUN staff to better serve our participants and to build a healthier, more productive community.

The Centre Team

Our dedicated staff are here to resolve issues in a non-judgmental way and to connect people to appropriate resources.

The Centre

Housing Team

The team engages and collaborates with individuals and families in imminent risk of experiencing homelessness to maintain their housing or obtain new housing without becoming homeless.

Housing Services

Employment Team

Our unique employment team takes an individualized holistic approach towards achieving employment sustainability. 

Employment Services

Administrative Team

The admin team is known for going the extra mile to backup and support the other teams in the execution of their duties.

Support Our Work

Your donations go directly to frontline service and supports for our participants who experience homelessness and other mental health and addictions issues.

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