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The Communication Coordinator is responsible for providing news and information on our services, programs, events and emergent issues. Part of that process involves posting news, media releases, and other updates to our website. Additionally, the Communications Coordinator organizes, manages, and publishes content to Start Me Up Niagara's social media channels.

The Communications Coordinator also track and facilitate media inquiries as we value the role that media plays in keeping citizens informed. Start Me Up Niagara will attempt to answer all inquiries and do our best to the Communications Coordinator available to respond in a timely manner.

  • If you are a member of the general public and would like to learn more about Start Me Up Niagara's programs and services, please visit our About Us page.
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Prior to submitting a media inquiry, consider viewing these webpages to find the information you seek:

Connect with Start Me Up Niagara on social media. Stay Connected with upcoming events, important news, and our advocacy efforts for our participants and our community.

For immediate or urgent inquiries, our Communications Coordinator, Sam Dekker can be reached at 

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