4 Easy Tips For Managing Your Job Search Plan

Posted Apr 26th, 2021 in Career Tips and Advice

Tracking who you have applied to can feel like a full-time job in itself. Follow these tips and tricks to organize your job application process to look like the pro you are. Here at the Work Action Centre, we have staff who can assist you with managing your job search plan. Check out these 4 Easy Steps and get started today!

Step 1 - Define your Career Goals

Career assessments can be one way to help with narrowing down the type of jobs that you are interested in pursuing. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be one way to discover your strengths and find a job to match. After you have a better idea of which area you would like to work in, SMART goals are one way to carve out the steps to the path of your new job.

Step 2 - Create a Job Application Spreadsheet

Staying organized can go a long way in tracking which companies are worth your time. Keep a list of the employers you applied to, which position you applied for, how/where you found the ad, the employer’s contact information, and especially the date you applied. Don’t forget to follow up with employers that you have applied to show interest in the position. Even if you are not selected, they may keep your resume on file for future positions.

Pro Tip: Using computer programs such as Word or Excel can make this process organized and efficient.

Step 3 - Create a Job Search Schedule

Looking for jobs can be overwhelming when your days are unstructured. Treat the act of searching for a job as a job in and of itself. Create a structure, a schedule that you adhere to like you would at work. Carve out time each day dedicated to searching and applying for jobs and giving yourself a day off. Allow yourself lunch and breaks throughout the day, like you would if you were at work.

  • Don’t forget to reward yourself for a productive day; this is hard work.
Step 4- Follow-Ups

Your spreadsheet will define when you applied for jobs. Follow up with the employers after the close date on the job ad. 1-2 weeks after you have applied, send a follow-up email or make a phone call to the company. If you have the person’s name to who you applied to, try to speak to that person. Showing your interest is essential in a job search as it allows you to stand out. This is the time to be a bit insistent and express how interested you are in this job.

  • Keep track of these follow-ups on your tracker.

Start Me Up Niagara’s Work Action Centre is dedicated to helping you organize your job search process. If you are interested in growing your own small business or exploring career options, reach out to us today for more information on how we can help. Please call us at 289-438-3939. Check out our Facebook page for more employment tips.

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