5 Tips to Take Your Job Interview Skills to the Next Level

Posted May 10th, 2021 in Career Tips and Advice

So you got the interview! Now what? Here at the Work Action Centre, we know that being prepared for the interview is critical to getting the position. Follow these tips to enhance your interview success.

Research the Employer

Do your homework. Spend some time reading the company website, so you know exactly what this company offers. Try to find out what the company mission is to show that you are on board with what the company is trying to do. Consider how you fit with this company and what unique skills you can offer. Show off this knowledge in the interview.

Plan Your Route or Ride

Make sure you know where your interview is, what time, and with who. If you have never been to the location of your interview, consider going in advance to see where parking is or where the closest bus stop is. Plan your route and ensure that you have money for the parking meter. This can help eliminate unnecessary stress on the day of your interview.

Dress to Impress

Consider where you are applying. Dress at the appropriate level for the job. For example, a three-piece suit is not the proper interview attire for a construction job, but a nice dress shirt and jeans would be acceptable. Remember to get a haircut if needed and to wear clean, wrinkle-free clothing. Bring a lint roller if you are an animal lover! Lastly, consider your hands, apply fresh polish if needed and ensure your nails are trim and neat. Small details matter at this stage, so bring your best self. 

Prepare Your Interview Bag

Nothing is more awkward than having wrappers fall out of your purse or bag at the interview, so clean up your briefcase or purse prior. Minimize items so that just the essential items are with you. A notepad and a pen, business cards, resume copies, references. If you have one, your portfolio and questions for the employer are all excellent items for your interview bag. A small sewing kit for buttons or breath mints are options to consider too.

Meeting the Interviewer

When greeting the interviewer, make eye contact and speak clearly. A good firm handshake, as well as solid body language skills, can help make your interview successful. Remember to conserve your words for the most critical points and to be a good listener. If you have notes, it’s OK to bring them to the interview and to refer to them for support. Remember to tie back your answers to your own skills and accomplishments. Ask questions if you have them, this is your interview too, and you have a right to know your pay and hours before you accept their offer. Don’t forget to smile

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