Tips for Soothing The New-Job-Jitters

Posted Jun 10th, 2021 in Career Tips and Advice

After all the job searching and applications, interviews and patient waiting, you got the job! Let the Work Action Centre relieve those new job jitters with these helpful do’s and don’ts.
  • Dress the Part: When you went to the interview, you dressed professionally. Keep this in mind for first-day wear and keep your look professional. You saw other people who worked there at the interview, so keep their attire and look in mind when getting ready. Some places are more casual in the office, where others are expected to look more professional. Know the climate in advance. If not sure, ask the person who hired you.
  • Plan Your Commute: Check it out in advance. Plan your route. Make sure you know where you are going to park your car for the day. If you commute, leave early so you won’t be late. Know where to get off the bus and how to get in the building before you start your first shift.
  • Be Ready to Work: Turn your phone to silent and keep personal contacts to a minimum. Bring some paper and pens with you to write notes. You will receive a lot of information on your first day, so taking notes means that you can relax and really listen. Employers like this because it shows you are interested in the company and plan to follow what they are asking of you.
  • Open Your Eyes, Ears & Close Your Mouth: When meeting your new coworkers, be friendly and receptive to them. They are veterans in the organization you want to be part of. They have valuable information to give you. Watch what they are doing, listen to what they say and appreciate the tips they give. Do not fall into office gossip, so offer minimal information about yourself until you get to know everyone better.
  • Watch Your Body Language: Remember that we tell people about ourselves through our bodies. Sit up straight in meetings, make eye contact with people giving you information, smile at your coworkers and customers. You want to project someone who is happy to be there and willing to be part of the team.
  • Be Late: Coming to work on time lays the foundation for your work-life to follow. Life happens. If you are going to be late, communicate in advance to your supervisor. Do your best to be on time and present at work. This is still a trial period. The best solution is to have things ready in advance, like your commute or childcare (with a backup), so that you can relax and focus on your new job.
  • Be Inflexible: Be open to new ways of working. Your new company may do the things the old way, but maybe there is a reason. Take time to see why things are done how they are in this organization. If you have solutions, offer them after some time of gauging the company climate.
  • Be Dishonest: If you need help or are unsure, don’t pretend you know. The first days are the best to ask questions and find out how things are done here. If someone asks you to do a task and unsure, seek assistance to get it accomplished. In the end, the company will appreciate your desire to complete the work. Do pay attention to the answers and write them down so that you are ON IT next time!
  • Forget to Be Yourself: This is the time to be you, as professional and politely as possible, but bring your unique skills to the table. You are one of a kind, and they picked YOU! Get to know your coworkers before giving too much personal information, but this is the start of a beautiful new chapter. Remember, you won’t be the new one forever, and before you know it, you will be training the new hire!

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