Housing Services

Housing Services provide supports for individuals facing addictions, mental health, poverty, and chronic homelessness to eliminate barriers in maintaining long-term housing. Start Me Up Niagara provides a housing-first approach that provides one-on-one individualized supports and connections to resources.

Housing Services Start Me Up Niagara

Supportive Transitional Housing Program

In this program individuals are assigned a worker that provides support on a Housing First approach. One-on-One support is provided to assess participant goals and work towards achievement.

This assistance can be anything from life skills, obtaining a GED, advocacy, and maximizing income or employment.

During this process the worker-participant access community supports and resources and develop skills to maintain permanent housing. There is no deadline for STH and is personalized for each individual, but, it is our hope that after a duration of time the participants are able to graduate into a self contained housing unit.

Housing Prevention & Preservation

Prevention programs engage and collaborate with individuals and families in imminent risk of experiencing homelessness to maintain their housing or obtain new housing without becoming homeless.

Prevention focuses on early intervention with a housing first approach to eliminate barriers to maintaining long-term housing, when that is not possible, secure new housing.

Case Management

Short-term case management activities provided are as follows: 

  • Engaging new landlords
  • Tribunal support and Advocacy
  • Mediating landlord-tenant concerns
  • Eviction prevention / Rapid rehousing
  • Connection to supports and resources 

  • "Don’t be afraid to fail, the only failure you have is to not do it. Have a dream and start by walking through the doors at WAC; this is your first step!"
    - Lisa, WAC Participant

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